Embracing the Smell.


We got rain. We’ve all been praying for rain and after the drought last year we were so grateful to get it! My kids played in our “swamp” until 10pm and had the best time. That was last Wednesday. Saturday Jonathan and the kids found and cut a GORGEOUS tree. It’s so beautiful- 17 1/2… Continue Reading


I dont know what to title this. The sound that a balloon makes as you let the air out of it is what I was going for. It was a good day, church was good, we finished up our Christmas decorations (except the tree which we will get Friday.) But tonight I am sad. Not… Continue Reading



This fall I have been watching a tree. Our neighborhood has such a beautiful variety of colors in November- I especially LOVE the red leaves. We watch the trees go from green to a bright red and from the time Scott was little we’ve called them “FIRE trees” like this one on the corner near… Continue Reading



I will admit I have been a little cheesed out by the idea of Time Out For Women in the past. I knew it had great things to offer but I had only gone once and didnt have a lot of experience with it. I went to one earlier this year with a BAD ATTITUDE…. Continue Reading

It was supposed to just be a Cake blog…..

It’s been almost 8 years since a whirlwind hit our family. I wont call it a tornado, because this particular wind wasn’t destructive, it just lifted us up off the road we thought we thought we were taking. 8 years is a long time. Scott was only 7 years old eight years ago- for some… Continue Reading

Uncle Scott’s Hot Cocoa Mix


We named our first born son after this guy! And he makes a great Hot Chocolate Mix. Every winter when we visit they have huge containers of it and we just LOVE it. It can be tailored to taste by using different flavors of instant creamer- I love adding peppermint but to please the crowd… Continue Reading



I just had a crazy week of cake making which means I am sick of TV. When the kids are gone I watch/listen to shows while I work- DVR, Netflix, right now I am catching up on Downton Abby on Amazon Prime, (yes my brain IS part mush.) So today I just wanted to listen… Continue Reading

Thanks Jack


Jack thanks for being my perfect middle boy- the one who is like glue between the bigs and the littles. Thanks for going backpacking with the bigs….. …and still liking to play Ninja Turtles with the littles (even if you dont like me taking your picture doing it.) Thanks for being the fun kid you… Continue Reading

Candied Cranberries


I made these to top my cranberry orange cupcakes, but I couldn’t stop eating them! And I didn’t even feel bad because cranberries are good for me ;). My kitchen smelled so good while I made these too. 2 1/2 cups sugar 1 cup water 1 cup orange juice 1 tsp vanilla zest from an… Continue Reading

My best motivation.

Back Camera

(Written September 20th) I’ve been noticing I need to do a better job of seeing the good things in my life rather than focus on the not so good things- not the real struggles -I am talking about silly things, material things. Our house is slowly falling apart, our yard resembles the desert (just blame… Continue Reading