This Year

I am making one change. I have been saying the same thing for the past….. years? This time it is REALLY the year that I am going to make it happen. You doubters can just keep doubting. Actually I am not that into making new years resolutions because I figure if something is worth doing… Continue Reading

I’m still standing! (Thanks President Monson….)

Watching this message last October I was so touched.  I looked up from the scout patch I was sewing onto Jacks shirt and I was shocked. The speaker  had gone from standing up straight, to totally leaning over the podium and obviously working very hard to hold himself up as he delivered the last portion of… Continue Reading

If only frosting could fix it……

I pulled this cake out of the refrigerator and noticed that it was unusually bumpy and uneven. It was full of fresh lemon curd, ripe strawberries, and custard  which all wanted to start leaking out. The frosting dam was barely holding them in. But I knew that I had built it solidly, that all that… Continue Reading

It’s all good.

Jonathans co-worker mentioned that sometimes my blog makes it sound like I feel like life is really hard. Hmmmm. Could it be because some of my posts are titled “Boo Hoo”, “Had a bad day”, “Jealous” or “Honey I crashed the car” ? Maybe! 🙂 If I really wanted to sound sad I should add… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday to Me.

The older I get the less I care about celebrating birthdays- but you cant NOT do anything when you have kids who are still super excited about birthdays. I have been writing in my little brown journal at night, trying to not overlook or underestimate the Tender Mercies (TM) in my life but tonight instead… Continue Reading

Then I……

Climbed in bed with Ben and cried because I was so happy he is here to love and snuggle with. Sent an email that was way out of my comfort zone. Watched Jonathan put together Ty and Ben’s new IKEA dressers in our room. I asked him if between the 4 of us he was… Continue Reading

I can be Batman

But its not easy. I would rather let Jonathan be Batman. You know, the one from the best Batman movie ever? The one with the really awesomely creepy and scary Joker? At the end of the movie (if you need a recap) we find out that the town hero has turned bad and done bad… Continue Reading

to “not underestimate or overlook”

I’m working on it- trying to see the tender mercies in my life. I’m realizing this is harder than I thought it would be. It’s like trying to walk into my home and notice everything- the things that I am so used to seeing that I forget they are there. When I wrote This Letter… Continue Reading

Thanks for making me want to cry Costco guy.

I didn’t go in with any expectations, I just wanted the hard facts about what I should do. In fact that morning I had called to ask about it- figuring I may be out of luck but as I was being transferred to Guest Services I had a feeling that I should go in person,… Continue Reading

They’re not creepy.

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It happened twice in one week- which was strange because it had never happened before. We are used to the double takes or long stares as people walk by (Ben usually just waves,) we are used to kids asking “why is that on his neck?” and of course, I know they look different. But still……. Continue Reading