Jealous?? Me too.


Tonight Ty and Ben were snuggling with Jonathan on the couch and Ty said with a big grin “Mom aren’t you jealous??” He knew that of COURSE I would be SO jealous of Jonathan getting that cuddle instead of me! This week I did feel really jealous about something. And it kind of made me… Continue Reading

What I would have said…..


In our church they do this strange thing that strikes fear, or at least greatly increases the heart rates of its members. In front of a couple thousand people at Stake Conference our leaders, when inspired to do so, will call up individuals to speak in front of the whole congregation. No warning- no preparation-… Continue Reading

Are we DONE yet?


Can you think of something really hard that you HAD to do in your life? Something that made your gut twist and your mind go into denial when you first learned about it? And even when you finally realized that was the road you had to take, your heart had to go into survival mode… Continue Reading



I thought this photo of Ben and Ty cheering at Jacks Flag Football game last Friday was appropriate. Today I had a little unexpected “hallelulah!” moment. Seriously I felt so grateful and it was for such a silly thing. Boys come with the distinct advantage of being able to pee anyplace without it being too… Continue Reading

What they said and did (that I don’t want to forget!)

I’ll just keep adding as they come (or as I remember!)…… 3/15- Ben I was holding both boys hands as we walked and said “I just love holding your hands- isn’t this nice?” Ben “No it’s WOOED.” (rude) Me trying not to laugh “why? what is rude about it?” Ben “Ty is not holding MY… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Ben!


Ben you are the best. I cant talk about you without melting just a little bit. You are one of the most loving people I know, it’s unconditional and immediate. One of my favorite things in the world is how you randomly say “I love you mom” through out the day because I love you… Continue Reading

Prayer and Scripture Chart


Natalie and I came up with this idea. We needed something simple, that would help us get in a better habit of personal prayers. I was realizing that I’m…. old and I still dont remember to say my morning prayers. I wanted to not only get in the habit myself but I wanted my children… Continue Reading

I’m not trying to change your mind.


But I am very keen on preserving my right to make my own mind up. With the Media crying “Outbreak” over 114 cases of measles I have noticed quite a few more (heated) blog posts and comments about vaccinations, or especially comments about those who have not vaccinated their kids. I am not one who… Continue Reading

Potty Training


This blurry picture is Ben dancing and hugging his new underwear. (In front of a sink full of cake dishes- one of the kids said I should blur that out.) I’ve always subscribed to the theory that my kids should be the ones potty training, not me. Meaning I wasn’t going to start the process… Continue Reading

Hope is….

I think one of the hardest things about my anxiety is the loss of control of what I can and can’t do. Until I experienced it I never could have understood how physically exhausting/limiting it is. Another quote that’s been on my fridge for almost 8 years is “Hope is the feeling you have, that… Continue Reading