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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Family Pic

Well, at this point in the game we cannot expect to have everyone smiling in one picture! Ben and Ty did not look happy because the whole time they were fighting over who got to put their hand on my neck. But no matter the expression I am biased enough to love looking at all my kids (and cute hubby) in this picture!

This was right after Natalie's baptism, I love that now we have everyone in one shot, Thanks Grandpa!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Little Boys!

Ben and Ty are... Ben and Ty. They make us laugh with their silly antics- they love us with long hugs (Ben) little leans- tilting his body to just lean his head on us or give hard drooly kisses ONLY when he feels like it(Ty).

They talk to us with their hands and mouths- Ty walks around yelling "MAAA!" all day and Ben has different lilts to his voice that express his happiness, sadness, surprise and delight all with the same syllable "Ah."

They both talk soundlessly- Ben sings along with his mouth even though no sounds come out. Ty says yes with a silent "yah yah yah." They both know you are supposed to talk with your mouth because they see us do it.

Ben knows about 60 signs and his favorites are "mom, dad, scott, natalie, jack, baby ty, cheese, banana, car, please, NO/STOP, lie down, Woody and Buzz (Woody is patting his head for Hat and Buzz is reaching his hand high in the sky.. to Infinity and Beyond!), watch/look at, water, play, toys, and his #1 is "come here!" come be by me.
Whenever Ben hears music he stops whatever he is doing to just groove a little- like he cant help it, just feeling it! He is so funny- he will stand by the table holding on dancing and switch hands back and forth so his whole body can be into it. He tries to sing sometimes with a "laaaaa" and it is obvious he just loves music.

Ty is really wanting to be included with his signing. He is much more vocal than Ben but signs to be big. His little fat hands and arms work hard! His favorite signs are; EAT (with his whole fist!) more, water, play, thank you, dad, car, elmo and "Ty" where he just pats his chest to show us who we should focus on. He is LOUD with his sounds- kind of sound like a little lamb, "maaaaa" all day.

They are so similar in size- Ben is two inches taller but Ty weighs two pounds more. They talk back and forth to eachother and while they dont play much together yet they love to play BY eachother. They just migrate around together. Ty is the one who grabs EVERYTHING Ben has and runs to be the first. if you want him to do something act like you are giving it to Ben. He will finish eating in his chair, and when we put him down he will beeline for Ben and try to grab the food from his tray. (Or the bowl from his hand!)

They think they are helpful when it comes time for breathing treatments and like to hold it for eachother :)

I feel like we have twins who physically want to do all the same things but mentally they are
still at 3 yr old and 1 1/2 year old mentalities! Ben will try to play with Ty or hug him, just interact with him and half the time gets a whack for his efforts. I love this picture above because Ty is copying Ben (Ben just got done waving at us) and Ben thinks its so great. He just loves Ty but Ty needs to start appreciating his big brother a little more :) I can already see though how they are going to be such good friends.

Busy days but we have some of the sweetest little boys in the world.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Battleship anyone?

Playing Battleship with Jack-

Me: B3

Jack: Um, mom if my ship is REALLY close to that is it a hit?

Me: No

Jack: Ok, Miss!


Me: J7

Jack: Miss- I dont have ANYthing on J Mom.

And Jack still won!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Natalie: (after dancing for an hour to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift)

"Mom if I am a famous singer when I grow up I am going to lipsing. I am really good at lipsinging."

Do you mean lip-sync?

"No, some people call it lipsinging."

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The other day I was upset about something.... something so important I cant remember what- I think it had something to do with shoes. I lost my temper and yelled at Scott and instantly regretted it so I went over and apologized to him and right away with the sweetest face he said "thats ok Mom, I forgive you." He could have drawn it out a little, milked it!

I guess that is why we are supposed to become like our children, ready to forgive and slow to hold a grudge. He still loves unconditionally and I need to remember to have a heart more open and soft like his!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Good News and Bad News...

Natalie has turned 8! She was getting ready to go to her interview with the bishop to talk about getting baptized and she kept asking me questions like "Mom have you ever known anyone who didnt want to get baptized?" No, why do you ask? Are you not sure if you want to be baptized? "Well I do want to be baptized, I just feel weird about everyone looking at me!"

When she got home from her interview she said "Well there was good news and bad news. The bad news was I couldnt stop smiling the WHOLE time! The good news was Bishop Lund told me lots of good stories." Oh like what? "I cant remember. But they were good."

Her baptism day was just such a nice day with both sets of grandparents, Uncle Scott and Aunt Susan there to save the day (and our stomachs) with chocolate waffles after the baptism, The Bailey cousins... Both grandmothers spoke (Janie on Baptism and Mimi on the gift of the Holy Ghost) Mom sang/cried a baptism song, Dad baptized Natalie, Ben and Ty roamed the room, and Scott and Jack sang "Let the Holy Spirit guide" and did such a great job! (The next day at church Jack said that people kept talking to him about his singing :))

Watching her grow and seeing not just my baby, but the unique and wonderful PERSON she is now, and going to be in the future, I am so glad (and a little overwhelmed) that I get to be the Mom to this girl! I love that she is my little shadow now, and we like to remind each other that we were probably best friends before we came to earth and that is why we chose to be family.

Beautiful day, beautiful girl!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Jacks Big Day!

I have been posting so much on my cupcake blog lately and I realized that while cupcakes do "delight" me- it is my family that INSPIRES me so I decided to set a goal to blog 3 times a week.
My kids continue to make me laugh and want to cry because they are so sweet and growing so fast, I want to try and keep better track....

Jack just turned 6 and had his first black eye (compliments of a trampoline accident with Natalie and Scott) When Jack was getting ready for school he kept going to look in the mirror and told me several times that "people are going to notice my eye." Oh yes, school pictures this week, cant wait to see this one.
He is seeming so grown up all of a sudden. NO baby fat left just solid little guy (wish I had abs like his!) and never stops moving. He makes me laugh every time he answers a question with "No clue." (what? stop sounding like a 10 year old!)

On his birthday night he asked "is everyone was going to gather around me while I open my presents?" When we were all "gathered around" he reminded everyone that they needed to say 3 things they liked about him and he ticked them off on his fingers as we took turns telling him why he is WONDERFUL. So cute.

For his birthday dinner we went (despite my strong protests to Jonathan that there HAD to be another place!?!) to Home Town Buffet- a favorite of Jonathan and the kids, they started going there when i would be at the hospital with Ben or Ty and they love it.

Natalie got (with her own money) a pair of roller skates for Jack! They will have a lot of fun together, they used to try and share her pair putting just one on and scooting with the other foot. I thought about offering to pay for part of them so she wouldnt have to use all her money but decided to let it be her thing- and she was so excited and proud to do it so I was glad I didn't get in the way of her generosity.

I CANT BELIEVE he is 6. I just put a toddler picture of him on the fridge and why am I so sappy that it does kind of make me want to cry when I look at it? Love that boy.