Super Hero Party

I used to go all out on birthday parties but it has been a few years since I have had the time or inclination. But Ben was turning 7 and really wanted a super hero party so I put together these games with a trip to the dollar store and an old tarp. I am not sure it is really “Pin Worthy but it was a huge hit! The kids had so much fun and wanted to do each game over and over. The tarp toss was just cutting some squares and circles out, lining them with duck tape, then writing a point score under each one (more for the smaller holes etc.) We hung it from the play structure.

For the spider man spray game I drew a spider web with spiders all over it on a poster board then had the kids stand back and try to hit them with their “Spider Spray” silly string. Each one they hit won them a ticket (we gave out tickets as prizes and then they “bought” a goodie bag to take home with their tickets.)

The last game was Pin the Bat on the Batman. I used a Batman place mat, I printed up some bat symbols, cut them out and put a little tape on the back. EASY but these kids thought it was the bomb

A couple highlights (of mine!) from the party were when my biggest boy said “dont start the party without me!”

And Natalie made Bens cake in his favorite color- PINK!