Thanks Jack

Jack thanks for being my perfect middle boy- the one who is like glue between the bigs and the littles.

Thanks for going backpacking with the bigs…..

…and still liking to play Ninja Turtles with the littles (even if you dont like me taking your picture doing it.)

Thanks for being the fun kid you are. Ty would follow you anywhere and I heard Scott tell his friends “yah Jack is cool.”

Thanks for being the ONLY ONE out of the 7 of us who actually did my Family Home Evening challenge last week of saying morning personal prayers. I found the note you wrote yourself and left on the ceiling so you wouldn’t forget. (I was tempted to make your bed before taking the photo- but that would be misleading.)

Thanks for inspiring me with your goodness!!

Thanks for never, ever leaving the house or walking by me in the kitchen without hugging me. Please don’t grow out of that.

Thank you for loving sports from the beginning so that Dad wont be the only one who really wants to play/watch the game.

Thanks for singing so loud at the top of your voice anytime, anywhere that we had to come up with the phrase “No unnecessary noise please” to use at certain times. I hope you know I LOVE hearing you sing- because I LOVE knowing that you feel like singing!

Thanks for welcoming baby BEN with open arms even though you were still my baby and I had been gone so much. I worried the most about you.

You know Santa is real but you are not so sure Reindeer really fly.

You LOVE babies (and they love you.)

You FINALLY have both front teeth and you still haven’t had “The Talk” but it’s coming soon.
(I watched his face when he read this part and he has NO clue! how can we shatter such innocence???)

You think you are too short but say if you can just get to be 5’7 you’ll be fine. Because that’s how tall Messi is.

When I thank Heavenly Father for my BEST blessings you are one of them! You couldn’t be more loved.