What they said and did (that I don’t want to forget!)

I’ll just keep adding as they come (or as I remember!)……

7/15 Ben and Ty
On the way home from a playdate with Camille who Ty had been giving hugs and kisses (on the arm) to before we left. Her mom texted me that Camille wanted to send Ty a note because she liked his kisses. I read the text to the boys and Bens face was like this:

and Ty said “maybe she wants to MARRY me!!!” (I love young love!) Later after getting the “love note” in the mail Ty told Ben “Well Camille is my girlfriend now.” 🙂

Ty for months had a whole paragraph he would say to me EVERY night.
“good night, see you in the morning, i lub you, if you have a dream tell me!, dont let the bed bugs bite, I lub you, carry me up when you go to bed!” every night. I loved it so much. Then he would hug and kiss (however many times he decided that night) and then lay down and point to his cheek for the last kiss.

7/15 TY
“Gotta hand it to ya mom- you make a really good burrito!”

6/15 Ben
really mad at Jack about something
“Jack- look at my face! Is it happy or sad?????”

3/15- Ben
I was holding both boys hands as we walked and said “I just love holding your hands- isn’t this nice?”
Ben “No it’s WOOED.” (rude)
Me trying not to laugh “why? what is rude about it?”
Ben “Ty is not holding MY hand.”

2/15- Ty in the backseat of the car talking with his friend Gavin.
Gavin “Ty does your mom understand everything you are saying?”
Ty “Yah cause we have a really good connection.”

2/15- Everyone around the kitchen table. Older kids teasing Ty (6) because he wants to marry me.
Me “Dont worry Ty, all my boys wanted to marry me when they were 6”
Ben leans over and taps my shoulder, leans in and says “and 8!”

5/14- Ty at a pond with Kris throwing rocks in and making wishes.
Ty frustrated “ahhh! my wishes never come true!”
Kris “well keep trying…”
Ty walks over and throws in another pebble, “I wish I had a beard!”

12-14- Jack after doing the family measuring on the wall.
“I don’t care if I’m little, I just need to get to be 5’7 cause that’s how tall Messi is.”
and earlier in the year,
“Mom I am the 3rd shortest in my class. And the second shortest has foot problems and the 1st is in a wheelchair.”

9/12 Ben and Ty on their “cell phones” and Ty said-
“Mom can you keep it down! Me and Ben are on the phone here!”

Jonathan about 5 years ago.
“We are no longer a one pizza family.”

Jack when he was around 8
“Mom when I was little and had a trach did I talk like Ben?”

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