Sometimes it feels like this…..

Ever felt like you were doing it all on your own? And wondering if all your efforts are making a difference?

Maybe you have felt more like this:

Like if…I…just…push…a…little…harder… then “it” will change, or they will change, maybe my life will change…..

Or maybe you have felt like people are just walking by, not noticing, not caring, not understanding. “Don’t they see how hard this is? Does anyone appreciate what I am doing?”

Well if you have read any of my blog you will know I have felt some of those things in some way or another, if you have (please tell me I’m not the only one!) then watch THIS. It will be the best thing you do this week! It was for me. “Reach out, call out, cry out….” we are NEVER alone.


Inspiration for this post goes to Ben Walburger and his ginormous efforts with the Target ball!

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