What I wish I could say to them.

I got this note on my windshield in the blue parking at Sam’s club, where I had just finished grocery shopping with Ben and Ty. When I read it my first reaction was to get back out of the car and look around to see if the writer was still there watching, because I wanted to set them straight. Liar???

I hated the feeling of being wrongly accused, it felt terrible. We are legal handicap parkers!!! But at the same time I figured well, they probably didn’t notice the trachs, or the portable suction…. but to be so angry about it and feel the need and the right to accuse?

My kids will tell you that one of my mantras I repeat to them is “you can say what you need to say in a NICE way.” They will also tell you how often I apologize for yelling or being short because yes, “I know I can say whatever I need to say in a nice way.”

My friend gave us this kindness block and I love it so much- we need more kindness than might seem necessary.

Why does the world (especially social media) think that anytime you think something negative you should say it?? Especially since many thoughts should be (hopefully!) censured by conscience, more understanding or empathy. (I am sure I have made incorrect snap judgements in the past!)

Jonathan got a note at Costco. But his was much nicer.

“Best Dad Award- Keep it up It Shows!”

It made his night- he was there with all the kids feeding them dinner and it was so nice that this gentleman took the time to say something kind. What a difference between our two notes. It’s made me think about what kinds of “notes” I leave behind whether intentional or unintentional.

Years ago I heard someone say (probably in a General Conference talk) “Never let a kind thought go unspoken” and it really resonated with me and I have tried to make it a practice- who wouldn’t want to hear something nice? I don’t mean phony make something up nice but the sincere good thoughts you have. It’s funny how you start to SEE more of the good in people and really love them more.

Thanks for the perfect quote Disney! (Sometimes it takes courage to be kind!!)

April 3, 2015

Thank you for the kind comments on FB and Instagram. I feel so blessed to have such a support system, and it’s nice to feel the love. I wasn’t going to post about the not nice note until Jonathan got his very nice note and I started thinking about the different ways we use our energy. I really feel like the whole situation opened my eyes to how I look at others as well.

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