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Jonathan and I are/were having a fight. (Mostly it’s me because he gets over stuff really fast and sometimes doesn’t even realize I am still mad. Hmph.) He doesn’t have a blog so I don’t think its fair to air my side of it when he can’t. Although I am sure I could very easily put his position down (he is always “technically” right, but I wonder how that is working for him? Hope he has fun being right all the time….) But in writing out the argument I would of course be biased towards my side (it’s not just about being “right” it’s trying to understand the other person, maybe trying to see things without having to have everything pointed out… and then that person will feel so much more appreciated!) But like I said, I would never want to air our silly arguments.

So all I will say is that my favorite quote of Jonathan’s was this. (He was on his computer when I would have like him to be doing other things at that crazy time of night.)

Me (in an annoying voice and bratty attitude): Jonathan I had to do a lot of praying last night to not be annoyed at you and I feel like you are trying to undo it all.
Jonathan: I think it just needs to be a TRUE test of your faith.

(I think it’s funny NOW.)


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  1. I did try this recipe a cuolpe of times. We love it. My 2 yr old daughter loves it. But I found the 1/3 cup sugar way too less. It was more perfect when I used 1/2 cup. Thank you so much for this recipe. – Jay Kanderi

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