13 going on 21….4….30….2….

Natalie you just turned 13. I really can’t believe our girl, our ONLY girl is a teenager.

I feel like I am watching you like a hawk and you can blame it on Scotty. I blinked and he went from 9 to 16 and I am not going to let that happen with you. I am trying to soak in every change, every moment because I am afraid that I will turn around and my little girl will just be gone.

It’s such a unique time- I feel like I see shades of every age in you right now…..

I see glimpses of the young woman you will be when you talk to my friends in such a polite and grown up way, pulling up a website they might be interested it, or adding an appropriate comment. You don’t automatically run off with the kids now, you like being part of “lady” conversation. 🙂

When Scott walks by and tugs your hair I see the 4 year old you used to be as you react like he just broke your arm. Don’t worry, I know its just the indignity of it!

I see the 16 year old you will be as you let me know that my ideas are not what YOU had in mind- I am learning to give you options then let you decide for yourself. 😉

I see the mother you will be as you convince Ben and Ty that what you want them to do is SUPER fun! And in the way that they ADORE you when you take the time to mother them.

I remember the 2 year old you were as you cuddle up to me on the couch or still want to sleep in my bed when Dad is gone. I love it, you will always be my baby girl.

You make life so much better….

Thanks for reading me all the interesting facts you find on the internet.
Thanks for wanting to go with me on every errand.
Thanks for telling me I have cute clothes that you want to borrow someday. I love that we are starting to share shoes.
Thanks for loving your Dad and always being the one who wants to sit by him or ride with him. I know he loves it too!

Thank you for being my constant and willing helper- because you are with me so much I ask you to DO so much and I really don’t know how I could manage without you.
Thank you for wanting to do what’s right. No one is perfect but I see you trying! Thank you for loving good music, good books, good things and trying to do what your Heavenly Father asks. He loves you more than you can even imagine.

Women’s conference and Road Trip!

You know I used to worry about how I would be with a daughter, you have chased every fear away!!!

I know we say this a lot but I will say it again (and again….) Dad and I are so grateful you are our daughter.
“we were so glad, and so happy, when we got our sweet Natalie, and isn’t she lovely, made from love!”


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