Honey I crashed the car.


This pic says it all, and the roof even popped back up a little when they turned the car over!

So we were going to a wedding reception. I had made the wedding cake but since I dont deliver, it was already there in one piece. Jonathan was at a camp out with Jack, and Scott was just home from a swim meet and too tired to leave so Natalie, Ben, Ty and I loaded up in the car. We sat in the driveway for a few minutes debating if we really should go because Ben was SO tired and I had a lot of cake orders to work on but, we decided to have a fun little outing and see the beautiful bride.

As we started off Natalie was chatting to me about her day but I had her stop, and said “I think we should have a prayer we will be safe” because my anxiety had been a little high all day and I was a little overwhelmed with grouchy boys and just crazy life. Natalie asked ” why? do you think we wont be safe?” I said no I just thought we should have a prayer like we do when we leave the house or whatever. So Ben volunteered and said a sweet prayer and that was it.

We get to the reception and I was driving around looking for a parking spot and I pulled into a little side parking area, but once in I thought “oh this isn’t a good idea, it might be hard to back out when it’s dark!” Oh such a safe driver I am ! I started backing out and as I hit the curve of the road (paved one lane size) one of my back tires slid off the road and the whole car started sliding sideways- tilting a lot. It wasn’t a huge slope, 8-9 feet? But it was steep.

It was surreal- Natalie was screaming all the way down but I kept thinking “noooo it will straighten!” But when we hit the road below the car flipped- it was terrible to watch the roof cave in towards us and the window smash in.

I dont remember how I got out of my seatbelt (neither does Natalie) but I somehow started crawling backwards out of the smashed window on my side. I was in a panic- how would I get to Ben and Ty?? One of my biggest fears has always been being in a car accident with the boys and not being able to get to them, because when Ben is upset he has a really hard time breathing. I ran all around the car but none of the door would open, the roof was smashed into them, so I raced to the back of the car and opened the hatch.

Natalie was a ROCK STAR. Thank goodness her side wasn’t smashed more.

She got herself out of her seat belt and helped both Ben and Ty get free and safe. She was amazing, but I was not surprised when up at the house she broke down because it was a stressful thing. Ty later told me “I was stuck in my carseat but Nananie got me out!” He didn’t cry once but he showed me the face he was making the whole time the car was rolling over. (I’ll have to get a photo- big round open mouth in very surprised expression.)

Ben was crying a lot at first- it was so scary for him and once he was out I was holding him telling him it’s ok and you need to do your breathing! But I was also able to say “Hey Ben! Your prayer saved us!”

When he settled down he said “Mom, WHY did you do that??? I was hanging upside down like a MONKEY!!” Through out the night he reminded me several times to never do that again (!!!) When we went to clean up Ben saw me trying not to cry and said “MOM- do you need a hug?” Yes!

The good thing was it happened where we had a lot of friends to help, the bad thing was it happened where we had a lot of friends- good grief I was so shaken up but felt like such a dope. But we had so many offers to help and I was so grateful.

But thankfully Jonathan’s camp out was not far (he didnt have his phone on him though- I am so glad a friend texted her husband who told him!) and he got there quickly to help with the reassuring, towing and cleaning out the car… (amazing how much paper and trash comes out when you shake a car) and Ben and Ty still had a great time at the party. Ben even got a dance with the mother of the bride 🙂

On the way home (we got a ride while Jonathan dealt with everything) the concerns voiced were:

“Who will pick me UP from school??”
“What about our Family Stickers??” (on the back windshield)

When I put the kids to bed last night I just had a good cry- I am so glad no one was hurt- that everyone was together and safe. And then life goes on…. Jonathan was laughing at the fact that I texted him our car wreck and then this when he was on his way home from dealing with the towing….

Happy Anniversary Jonathan!


2 thoughts on “Honey I crashed the car.

  1. Haha! I loved your “safe parking” comment! I stayed at the reception because I was waiting for my husband to get there 🙂 I hid in a corner 🙂

  2. I loved reading your story, because it was a great example to all of the readers, about how to act when something drastic happens. As it turned out, thank God, the car was the only thing that suffered, drastically, in the long run. And, I can’t believe that you all went on to the reception. I’d have to get home just to make the whole event more dramatic, and get more sympathy. I was really impressed by your choice of attending the wedding gala. All the best to you. Safe parking.

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