Happy Anniversary Darling!

I went all out this year because you deserve ONLY the best.

Yes, I know you loved our Excursion. I still remember how proud you were the day we drove it home, I was 4 months pregnant with Jack and you were so excited to have a big family car!

But honey that was 12 years ago, and even though it was all paid off and you thought we would drive it at least another 5 years….. I knew that this would make it an anniversary you would never forget! So to keep you from feeling angst about the NEW car payment we will have- I decided to take it out of your hands and total the car myself. And I think I did a pretty good job……

I mean- look at that view in the background! I could have done it somewhere less scenic but no- only the best for you! And while you think the steering wheel next to the ceiling might be a bit overkill, I say do it right the first time!

As you are searching for your new car I am sure you will find something even sportier that will fit our little family of 7, pull the trailer (plus the 2 dogs!) And don’t thank me, being married to you for 17 years is gift enough! I love you honey!

love love love

(Sorry I crashed the car! Here’s what REALLY HAPPENED.)

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