Happy Birthday to Me.

The older I get the less I care about celebrating birthdays- but you cant NOT do anything when you have kids who are still super excited about birthdays.

I have been writing in my little brown journal at night, trying to not overlook or underestimate the Tender Mercies (TM) in my life but tonight instead I’ll write here.

TM- Jonathan came home from work early so we could take the kids and dogs to the lake. (We have only taken everyone there once so I thought it would be fun to do something different 🙂 )

Watching my people walk down in front of me my heart was so full- I love these guys so much.

Watching my biggest watch over my littlest was the icing on the cake.

TM- when I had a little breakdown as my little family was separated AGAIN because of trach stuff and the bigs were all over on the little Island while Ben, Ty and I played in the deep, suck your shoes off mud…. I had my little moment but it didn’t last long. Elder Maxwells words were fresh in my mind and helped me just move on. I was grateful- Pity Party Diverted for the moment.

Ty kept asking “What about the blue water? I wish I could swim THERE” Because we were in the murky shore water. But (TM) soon he was enjoying himself making mud castles.

TM- Ben didn’t mind not swimming, he was in heaven wading (with my iron grip on his arm) and playing with the dogs, who by the way were having the time of their life playing in the water and mud.

When Jonathan came back from the “island” and I went in to swim it made Ty feel really bad- and I felt so guilty! He wants to swim so much…. but then TM– he had a great time sitting on Jonathans knee (once he got over his fear that his trach was getting too close to the water) and Natalie and Jack were cheering him on! Later he told me he wasn’t really scared, just pretending.

Love from family, good kind friends, Ty calling me the “birthday girl” all day, flowers, husband that rallied the kids into cleaning the house while I went to book club…. it was a good day.