If only frosting could fix it……

I pulled this cake out of the refrigerator and noticed that it was unusually bumpy and uneven. It was full of fresh lemon curd, ripe strawberries, and custard  which all wanted to start leaking out. The frosting dam was barely holding them in.

But I knew that I had built it solidly, that all that delicious filling was going to stay inside and the frosting I was about to apply would cover up all the grooves, crumbs and imperfections. I had also put dowels inside to hold the weight of the layer that would top it, I knew it would hold up.

I looked at those bumpy layers and I KNEW I was going to fix it, I KNEW this cake would turn out how I wanted it too because I have confidence in my fabulous cake skills! 😉 I was sure that the frosting would set how I wanted it to and even if it didn’t, I KNEW I could  adjust it. As I started piping the stripes of frosting around the cake I had the thought “if only frosting could fix all of MY imperfections!”

I started smoothing the creases of frosting and I wondered why I am so confident in this, so confident my cakes will turn out despite the demanding details, yet in my “real life” I am not so confident and feel like I have so many worries (and am SO aware of my imperfections!)

But as I looked at that smooth cake I couldn’t help but start to think about the many ways Heavenly Father ADDS and FILLS in the spaces where I am lacking. My own personal “frosting fix.”

I’m not trying to hide my flaws, in fact my friends may say I err on the side of sharing too much! (Really? Can there ever be too much sharing???) But Holy Cow I am feeling so so so grateful for Him. Where would I be if I didn’t know who I am or that He is there? Where would I be without all of His other children (you) who are in my life? Probably a bitter angry person who couldn’t even make a muffin.

I think the way He helps me live doesn’t cover up my flaws, (oooh here comes the cake analogy!!) it just allows the delicious goodness inside to come out and hopefully at times, fill others.  But only when I let it- I consistently have to make an effort to put certain thoughts and attitudes aside so I can be more…… sweet. 🙂

This cake looked like this when it was finished…..

So that’s done….. now what about the other stuff?? If only I could tie up all my lifes loose ends with a nice little bow.

One of my favorite quotes is “Faith is not knowing what the future holds, but knowing WHO holds the future” it’s  probably my fav because I need the constant reminder. I admit it drives me crazy that there is so much I cant predict about the future but there are a few things I can remind myself I do know.

I KNOW that I have a foundation in me that lets me find real happiness despite what life brings. I KNOW that even if I cant see the final design my imperfections are still an important part of my core, because they help me turn to Him and without them I wouldn’t know empathy, forgiveness (given and received!), growing pains, grief/joy…… oh brother how can I even list them all? I can’t.