This Year

I am making one change. I have been saying the same thing for the past….. years? This time it is REALLY the year that I am going to make it happen. You doubters can just keep doubting.

Actually I am not that into making new years resolutions because I figure if something is worth doing you should do it whenever you realize it would benefit you, like in May, or maybe September is best. (Not that I have anything against January.) But I happen to be making this resolution NOW because this December taught me a lesson I want to remember.

I was sitting in my car after a Costco run a week before Christmas (good grief) and I was feeling so insane. Like a tornado running from place to place and as I sat there I had the thought “I feel further from Christ today than I did last month! I’m losing Christmas!” as the song “Where are you Christmas?” played over and over in my head.  🙂

A friend shared a quote at church that week that really struck a chord with me, “Relentlessly remove hurry from your life.” Read that again. Slowly. I asked her to repeat it so I could write it down.

I know life is busy, that is just reality. But hurry is what I do to myself. Hurry is thinking about what is next, and then what is next, while I am in the middle of doing something. Hurry is worrying about the future instead of thinking about the present.

When I shared that quote with another friend (lucky me I have so many wise ones) she reminded me that Christ always took time. And I know it was always personal. He was present in the moment. He took the RIGHT time, even when others questioned for example why He would stop to talk to children when He was so tired. He knew how to live a productive, unhurried, life and I am sure He had no regrets at the end of it.

Even thinking about this stuff helped me slow down, and yes we found Christmas.

snapchat from Scotty 🙂

(All lined up and waiting so patiently at 8:30 to come downstairs from youngest to oldest…. it was such a good day.)

Now, even though our decorations are packed away, I want to keep that special feeling of gratefulness for my Savior. Which is why I am trying to make some changes.

Will I regret turning down a few more orders to not be so stressed and hurried this year? Will I regret taking a few things off my/our calendar so  we have a little more down time as a family? No (because of course I am going to do those things! It’s my resolution!)

Riding to Oregon to see my family for a few days over the break I was in the 3rd row squashed between two booster seats with the sweetest boys- both had a hand on my knee, the whole family was in the car together talking about Star Wars or whatever while it snowed around us and my heart was so full.

Can you tell whose hand is whose? (thanks for driving honey!)

Work is always going to be part of life but I am never going to look back and wish I had worked more or done more projects. I think I am writing this down for myself because I am realizing in a couple short years my babies are going to start leaving and I want to be more present, more PURPOSEFUL.

I read that one of the top resolutions every year is “have less stress” and if only there was an easy fix I’m sure we would all use it. I think that quote really stood out because its key for me. Removing Hurry is going to take practice and a change of mindset and I can tell I am not good at it yet based on the craziness of this week but I am determined to figure it out!