I was just SO MAD!

Why does it feel better to hold on to angry feelings? It’s kind of like scratching a mosquito bite. You KNOW its not going to do any good and you KNOW it will just make it worse. But it’s also SO SO satisfying in the moment. I love that little critter book- because that is… Continue Reading

To touch His robe.

Dear Elder Bednar, When I found out you were coming to the Sacramento area and our Stake would get to hear from you I was really looking forward to it. (I think it’s been 35 years since we had an apostle speak here!) I know we have been hearing you and all the other wonderful… Continue Reading


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Jonathan and I are/were having a fight. (Mostly it’s me because he gets over stuff really fast and sometimes doesn’t even realize I am still mad. Hmph.) He doesn’t have a blog so I don’t think its fair to air my side of it when he can’t. Although I am sure I could very easily… Continue Reading

What I wish I could say to them.

I got this note on my windshield in the blue parking at Sam’s club, where I had just finished grocery shopping with Ben and Ty. When I read it my first reaction was to get back out of the car and look around to see if the writer was still there watching, because I wanted… Continue Reading

Sometimes it feels like this…..

Ever felt like you were doing it all on your own? And wondering if all your efforts are making a difference? Maybe you have felt more like this: Like if…I…just…push…a…little…harder… then “it” will change, or they will change, maybe my life will change….. Or maybe you have felt like people are just walking by, not… Continue Reading

Jealous?? Me too.


Tonight Ty and Ben were snuggling with Jonathan on the couch and Ty said with a big grin “Mom aren’t you jealous??” He knew that of COURSE I would be SO jealous of Jonathan getting that cuddle instead of me! This week I did feel really jealous about something. And it kind of made me… Continue Reading

What I would have said…..


In our church they do this strange thing that strikes fear, or at least greatly increases the heart rates of its members. In front of a couple thousand people at Stake Conference our leaders, when inspired to do so, will call up individuals to speak in front of the whole congregation. No warning- no preparation-… Continue Reading

Are we DONE yet?


Can you think of something really hard that you HAD to do in your life? Something that made your gut twist and your mind go into denial when you first learned about it? And even when you finally realized that was the road you had to take, your heart had to go into survival mode… Continue Reading


I thought this photo of Ben and Ty cheering at Jacks Flag Football game last Friday was appropriate. Today I had a little unexpected “hallelulah!” moment. Seriously I felt so grateful and it was for such a silly thing. Boys come with the distinct advantage of being able to pee anyplace without it being too… Continue Reading

I’m not trying to change your mind.

But I am very keen on preserving my right to make my own mind up. With the Media crying “Outbreak” over 114 cases of measles I have noticed quite a few more (heated) blog posts and comments about vaccinations, or especially comments about those who have not vaccinated their kids. I am not one who… Continue Reading