What they said and did (that I don’t want to forget!)

I’ll just keep adding as they come (or as I remember!)…… 7/15 Ben and Ty On the way home from a playdate with Camille who Ty had been giving hugs and kisses (on the arm) to before we left. Her mom texted me that Camille wanted to send Ty a note because she liked his… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Ben!


Ben you are the best. I cant talk about you without melting just a little bit. You are one of the most loving people I know, it’s unconditional and immediate. One of my favorite things in the world is how you randomly say “I love you mom” through out the day because I love you… Continue Reading

I’m not trying to change your mind.

But I am very keen on preserving my right to make my own mind up. With the Media crying “Outbreak” over 114 cases of measles I have noticed quite a few more (heated) blog posts and comments about vaccinations, or especially comments about those who have not vaccinated their kids. I am not one who… Continue Reading

Potty Training


This blurry picture is Ben dancing and hugging his new underwear. (In front of a sink full of cake dishes- one of the kids said I should blur that out.) I’ve always subscribed to the theory that my kids should be the ones potty training, not me. Meaning I wasn’t going to start the process… Continue Reading


I just had a crazy week of cake making which means I am sick of TV. When the kids are gone I watch/listen to shows while I work- DVR, Netflix, right now I am catching up on Downton Abby on Amazon Prime, (yes my brain IS part mush.) So today I just wanted to listen… Continue Reading

Thanks Jack

Jack thanks for being my perfect middle boy- the one who is like glue between the bigs and the littles. Thanks for going backpacking with the bigs….. …and still liking to play Ninja Turtles with the littles (even if you dont like me taking your picture doing it.) Thanks for being the fun kid you… Continue Reading

My best motivation.

(Written September 20th) I’ve been noticing I need to do a better job of seeing the good things in my life rather than focus on the not so good things- not the real struggles -I am talking about silly things, material things. Our house is slowly falling apart, our yard resembles the desert (just blame… Continue Reading


A few months ago Ty had a g-tube infection and had to have his blood drawn (the picture above.) I had to go get my blood drawn for insurance a couple weeks ago and he was with me. He keep telling my nurse “This is not about me, its about my Mom” over and over… Continue Reading


(This is from a Women’s Conference that I was asked to speak at. We were focused on this talk about The Joys Of Motherhood. There were 3 moms, one with young children, one with children who had grown and me- in between and also a mom with “special” kids. I realize the P.O.O. acronym is… Continue Reading

Sappy Dog Post

Well we have had Tula home for over 2 months now. The first couple days we had her home I was feeling almost guilty- like we had this dog who could do so many things that Ben didn’t need (open the door, turn on the lights, pick up a wallet :)) but it wasn’t long… Continue Reading