Hope is….

I think one of the hardest things about my anxiety is the loss of control of what I can and can’t do. Until I experienced it I never could have understood how physically exhausting/limiting it is. Another quote that’s been on my fridge for almost 8 years is “Hope is the feeling you have, that… Continue Reading

Embracing the Smell.

We got rain. We’ve all been praying for rain and after the drought last year we were so grateful to get it! My kids played in our “swamp” until 10pm and had the best time. That was last Wednesday. Saturday Jonathan and the kids found and cut a GORGEOUS tree. It’s so beautiful- 17 1/2… Continue Reading

It was supposed to just be a Cake blog…..

In 2006 I was pregnant with my 4th child BEN, and I can honestly say that I was thinking (naively) “I got this.” I am 5th of 12 children and I loved growing up in a large family, so 3 little kids was busy but not crazy, it was all I had ever wanted to… Continue Reading

Its official.

The jury is back, the verdict is in. I am crazy. Let me explain a little better. Since last October I have been struggling with anxiety, and until I experienced it myself I never really had any idea of what it was like. I am a bit astounded at how very physical it is. As… Continue Reading