They’re not creepy.

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It happened twice in one week- which was strange because it had never happened before. We are used to the double takes or long stares as people walk by (Ben usually just waves,) we are used to kids asking “why is that on his neck?” and of course, I know they look different. But still……. Continue Reading

I was just SO MAD!

Why does it feel better to hold on to angry feelings? It’s kind of like scratching a mosquito bite. You KNOW its not going to do any good and you KNOW it will just make it worse. But it’s also SO SO satisfying in the moment. I love that little critter book- because that is… Continue Reading

What I wish I could say to them.

I got this note on my windshield in the blue parking at Sam’s club, where I had just finished grocery shopping with Ben and Ty. When I read it my first reaction was to get back out of the car and look around to see if the writer was still there watching, because I wanted… Continue Reading

Sometimes it feels like this…..

Ever felt like you were doing it all on your own? And wondering if all your efforts are making a difference? Maybe you have felt more like this: Like if…I…just…push…a…little…harder… then “it” will change, or they will change, maybe my life will change….. Or maybe you have felt like people are just walking by, not… Continue Reading


A few months ago Ty had a g-tube infection and had to have his blood drawn (the picture above.) I had to go get my blood drawn for insurance a couple weeks ago and he was with me. He keep telling my nurse “This is not about me, its about my Mom” over and over… Continue Reading