This Year

I am making one change. I have been saying the same thing for the past….. years? This time it is REALLY the year that I am going to make it happen. You doubters can just keep doubting. Actually I am not that into making new years resolutions because I figure if something is worth doing… Continue Reading

It’s all good.

Jonathans co-worker mentioned that sometimes my blog makes it sound like I feel like life is really hard. Hmmmm. Could it be because some of my posts are titled “Boo Hoo”, “Had a bad day”, “Jealous” or “Honey I crashed the car” ? Maybe! 🙂 If I really wanted to sound sad I should add… Continue Reading

I was just SO MAD!

Why does it feel better to hold on to angry feelings? It’s kind of like scratching a mosquito bite. You KNOW its not going to do any good and you KNOW it will just make it worse. But it’s also SO SO satisfying in the moment. I love that little critter book- because that is… Continue Reading

To touch His robe.

Dear Elder Bednar, When I found out you were coming to the Sacramento area and our Stake would get to hear from you I was really looking forward to it. (I think it’s been 35 years since we had an apostle speak here!) I know we have been hearing you and all the other wonderful… Continue Reading

What I would have said…..


In our church they do this strange thing that strikes fear, or at least greatly increases the heart rates of its members. In front of a couple thousand people at Stake Conference our leaders, when inspired to do so, will call up individuals to speak in front of the whole congregation. No warning- no preparation-… Continue Reading

Prayer and Scripture Chart

Natalie and I came up with this idea. We needed something simple, that would help us get in a better habit of personal prayers. I was realizing that I’m…. old and I still dont remember to say my morning prayers. I wanted to not only get in the habit myself but I wanted my children… Continue Reading

Embracing the Smell.

We got rain. We’ve all been praying for rain and after the drought last year we were so grateful to get it! My kids played in our “swamp” until 10pm and had the best time. That was last Wednesday. Saturday Jonathan and the kids found and cut a GORGEOUS tree. It’s so beautiful- 17 1/2… Continue Reading


I dont know what to title this. The sound that a balloon makes as you let the air out of it is what I was going for. It was a good day, church was good, we finished up our Christmas decorations (except the tree which we will get Friday.) But tonight I am sad. Not… Continue Reading


I just had a crazy week of cake making which means I am sick of TV. When the kids are gone I watch/listen to shows while I work- DVR, Netflix, right now I am catching up on Downton Abby on Amazon Prime, (yes my brain IS part mush.) So today I just wanted to listen… Continue Reading


(This is from a Women’s Conference that I was asked to speak at. We were focused on this talk about The Joys Of Motherhood. There were 3 moms, one with young children, one with children who had grown and me- in between and also a mom with “special” kids. I realize the P.O.O. acronym is… Continue Reading