Happy Birthday to Me.

The older I get the less I care about celebrating birthdays- but you cant NOT do anything when you have kids who are still super excited about birthdays. I have been writing in my little brown journal at night, trying to not overlook or underestimate the Tender Mercies (TM) in my life but tonight instead… Continue Reading

Happy Anniversary Darling!

I went all out this year because you deserve ONLY the best. Yes, I know you loved our Excursion. I still remember how proud you were the day we drove it home, I was 4 months pregnant with Jack and you were so excited to have a big family car! But honey that was 12… Continue Reading

I was just SO MAD!

Why does it feel better to hold on to angry feelings? It’s kind of like scratching a mosquito bite. You KNOW its not going to do any good and you KNOW it will just make it worse. But it’s also SO SO satisfying in the moment. I love that little critter book- because that is… Continue Reading


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Jonathan and I are/were having a fight. (Mostly it’s me because he gets over stuff really fast and sometimes doesn’t even realize I am still mad. Hmph.) He doesn’t have a blog so I don’t think its fair to air my side of it when he can’t. Although I am sure I could very easily… Continue Reading