Happy Birthday to Me.

The older I get the less I care about celebrating birthdays- but you cant NOT do anything when you have kids who are still super excited about birthdays. I have been writing in my little brown journal at night, trying to not overlook or underestimate the Tender Mercies (TM) in my life but tonight instead… Continue Reading

I can be Batman

But its not easy. I would rather let Jonathan be Batman. You know, the one from the best Batman movie ever? The one with the really awesomely creepy and scary Joker? At the end of the movie (if you need a recap) we find out that the town hero has turned bad and done bad… Continue Reading

13 going on 21….4….30….2….

Natalie you just turned 13. I really can’t believe our girl, our ONLY girl is a teenager. I feel like I am watching you like a hawk and you can blame it on Scotty. I blinked and he went from 9 to 16 and I am not going to let that happen with you. I… Continue Reading

Because they thought it looked awesome.

I find millions of selfies on the different devices around the house. Usually I delete 49 of the 50 taken (they can’t seem to ever take just one…) But when Ben, (following the lead of the bigs) learned how to set wallpaper (lock AND/OR home screen) it went to a whole new level. I’ve started… Continue Reading

Sometimes it feels like this…..

Ever felt like you were doing it all on your own? And wondering if all your efforts are making a difference? Maybe you have felt more like this: Like if…I…just…push…a…little…harder… then “it” will change, or they will change, maybe my life will change….. Or maybe you have felt like people are just walking by, not… Continue Reading

What they said and did (that I don’t want to forget!)

I’ll just keep adding as they come (or as I remember!)…… 7/15 Ben and Ty On the way home from a playdate with Camille who Ty had been giving hugs and kisses (on the arm) to before we left. Her mom texted me that Camille wanted to send Ty a note because she liked his… Continue Reading


I dont know what to title this. The sound that a balloon makes as you let the air out of it is what I was going for. It was a good day, church was good, we finished up our Christmas decorations (except the tree which we will get Friday.) But tonight I am sad. Not… Continue Reading

It was supposed to just be a Cake blog…..

In 2006 I was pregnant with my 4th child BEN, and I can honestly say that I was thinking (naively) “I got this.” I am 5th of 12 children and I loved growing up in a large family, so 3 little kids was busy but not crazy, it was all I had ever wanted to… Continue Reading

Thanks Jack

Jack thanks for being my perfect middle boy- the one who is like glue between the bigs and the littles. Thanks for going backpacking with the bigs….. …and still liking to play Ninja Turtles with the littles (even if you dont like me taking your picture doing it.) Thanks for being the fun kid you… Continue Reading

My best motivation.

(Written September 20th) I’ve been noticing I need to do a better job of seeing the good things in my life rather than focus on the not so good things- not the real struggles -I am talking about silly things, material things. Our house is slowly falling apart, our yard resembles the desert (just blame… Continue Reading