A few months ago Ty had a g-tube infection and had to have his blood drawn (the picture above.) I had to go get my blood drawn for insurance a couple weeks ago and he was with me. He keep telling my nurse “This is not about me, its about my Mom” over and over… Continue Reading


(This is from a Women’s Conference that I was asked to speak at. We were focused on this talk about The Joys Of Motherhood. There were 3 moms, one with young children, one with children who had grown and me- in between and also a mom with “special” kids. I realize the P.O.O. acronym is… Continue Reading

Super Hero Party

I used to go all out on birthday parties but it has been a few years since I have had the time or inclination. But Ben was turning 7 and really wanted a super hero party so I put together these games with a trip to the dollar store and an old tarp. I am… Continue Reading

Who is Who

The photo below is from March 2014. Scott just officially outgrew me. I am 5’7 and 3/4. He is 5’8 and wears size 12 mens shoes. How does this happen!? Jonathan- Dad Beth- Mom Scott- theĀ first time I experienced “love at first sight” was when he was born. Natalie- ourĀ girl, thank goodness we got her!… Continue Reading


Since I keep mentioning Ben in my blog posts I thought I better give a little background. At the end of my pregnancy with Ben my Dr noticed I had excess amniotic fluid. We did ultra sounds and couldn’t find anything wrong but when Ben was born it was quickly obvious that something was seriously… Continue Reading