She’s a keeper!


I still remember Ben’s face right before we met the dogs- he was SO excited. When I look back through all that happened when we were matched with our sweet Tallula (the post is HERE) I cant believe its been a year since we officially took Tula’s leash from her Puppy Raisers Dawn and Dan,… Continue Reading

Sappy Dog Post

Well we have had Tula home for over 2 months now. The first couple days we had her home I was feeling almost guilty- like we had this dog who could do so many things that Ben didn’t need (open the door, turn on the lights, pick up a wallet :)) but it wasn’t long… Continue Reading

Perfect Match

This is the long post about how we got our gorgeous girl Tallula, Bens CCI skilled companion. Scroll to the bottom for the beginning! May 20 2014 Well we are home now- but I want to post about the last few days of Dog Training. They flew by so fast! Partially because all of a… Continue Reading