They’re not creepy.

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It happened twice in one week- which was strange because it had never happened before. We are used to the double takes or long stares as people walk by (Ben usually just waves,) we are used to kids asking “why is that on his neck?” and of course, I know they look different. But still……. Continue Reading

Honey I crashed the car.


This pic says it all, and the roof even popped back up a little when they turned the car over! So we were going to a wedding reception. I had made the wedding cake but since I dont deliver, it was already there in one piece. Jonathan was at a camp out with Jack, and… Continue Reading

Jealous?? Me too.


Tonight Ty and Ben were snuggling with Jonathan on the couch and Ty said with a big grin “Mom aren’t you jealous??” He knew that of COURSE I would be SO jealous of Jonathan getting that cuddle instead of me! This week I did feel really jealous about something. And it kind of made me… Continue Reading


I thought this photo of Ben and Ty cheering at Jacks Flag Football game last Friday was appropriate. Today I had a little unexpected “hallelulah!” moment. Seriously I felt so grateful and it was for such a silly thing. Boys come with the distinct advantage of being able to pee anyplace without it being too… Continue Reading


A few months ago Ty had a g-tube infection and had to have his blood drawn (the picture above.) I had to go get my blood drawn for insurance a couple weeks ago and he was with me. He keep telling my nurse “This is not about me, its about my Mom” over and over… Continue Reading

Boo Hoo

I started with Boo Hoo because look at those faces? It’s hard to want to write about the stuff that is hard. Boo Hoo Poor Me. I don’t like to be a whiner. And I know I am sometimes. I have so much to be grateful for that I get really annoyed at myself for… Continue Reading


Thats the pic we sent to family- Surprise! Baby #5. It was a better surprise for some than for others ;). I have been wanting to write about Ty’s first months for awhile, I have started to work on it several times but for some reason I am really struggling! It’s been making me really… Continue Reading